Været i USA

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NOAA Tropical prediction centre
  Link   USA High Seas
Graphical map with linked text forecasts, High seas USA inc Pacific North
  Link   USA Coastal
USA coastal/offshore graphical map with links to text. Page down to find all areas and click on map
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Atlantic Coast / High Seas, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico
  Link   North Atlantic West
METAREA IV : The western part of the North Atlantic Ocean eastwards of the North American coast to 35W, from 7N to 67N, including the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea and the sea area between 7N and the South American coastline eastwards to the Fren
  Link   North Pacific East
METAREA XII : The eastern part of the Pacific Ocean, west of the North and South American coast and east of 120°W, from 3°24'S to the equator, thence to 180°, to 50°N thence NW'wards to 53°N 172°E, NE'wards following the marine frontier between Unite
  Link   Today's Isobaric
Isobaric chart of the whole of the USA from Weatheronline